The Ambassador-Designate Of The United States To The Seychelles Pays A Courtesy Call On The Speaker Of The National Assembly – Parliamentary Research Institute

Ambassador Mr. Henry Jardine, accompanied by the Counsellor of the United States of America in Seychelles Mr. James Donegan, and the Second Secretary and Seychelles Unit Head Mr. Nicolas Christian, paid a Courtesy Call on Hon. Roger Mancienne.  Hon. Speaker was accompanied by the Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) Hon. Waven William, and the Clerk of the National Assembly Mrs. Tania Isaac.

Ambassador Jardine thanked the Speaker for his warm welcome and expressed the intentions of the United States to have a permanent presence in the Seychelles by the establishment of an Embassy to reinforce the  US-Seychelles relations. The delegation expressed an interest in high-priority issues such as maritime security, the socioeconomic impact of narcotics, climate change and environmental protection, as well as increasing collaboration on law enforcement and financial transparency. Agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were noted as expressing an interest in providing training, resources, and collaborative support in tackling these high-priority issues. Education was a topic discussed at length, as Ambassador Jardine noted Hon. Mancienne’s alumni status of the United States; it was stated that an introduction of educational programmes and exchanges would bring benefits to both countries and improve the standards of educational courses offered at the University of Seychelles.

Hon. Mancienne, supported by Hon. William, remarked that despite its size, Seychelles prides itself on being involved and having increased engagement on climate change and the geopolitical discussions in the global arena. Within the Indian Ocean, Seychelles aspires to be an example and a model of peaceful transitional democracy and sovereignty; Ambassador Jardine agreed and noted that the dedication shown by Seychelles to smooth electoral processes and transitional peace is a value held at high esteem by the United States.

Both dignitaries proposed future exchanges between the two parliaments and opportunities for capacity building for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff.

The meeting then concluded with Hon. Mancienne presenting the Ambassador with a token of appreciation.

Ambassador Jardine and his delegation also paid a call on the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Sebastien Pillay.

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